Display advertising: RTB, ad exchanges and retargeting

Over the past few years, an online marketing classic has re-invented itself. Big data, in combination with dynamic pricing models, makes display advertising more attractive than ever. Display advertising is one of the best performance marketing tool.

Display advertising

Real time bidding (RTB) via ad exchanges

Classic pricing models such as the thousand-contact price (TCP or CPM) have belonged to the past for quite some time now. These days, advertising spaces are traded in real time on ad exchanges. On the basis of a bidding process, you either win or lose the bid for the ad impression. However, this happens at a sheer unimaginable speed and by using the relevant data for optimum target group reach.

Push, rather than pull

Whilst many online marketing tools are classic pull-models, display advertising is an absolute push tool. From its wide reach to increase brand awareness to performance marketing favorite: any business that wants to not only hold its own against the competition but overtake it has to integrate this tool in its marketing mix.

We combine suitable display advertising measures for you and then align them with your goals. Straight to the point and efficiently!

Increasing turnover through correct targeting

Targeting is a decisive factor in display advertising. There are many different strategies to ensure your success, from retargeting to predictive targeting. qualitytraffic GmbH helps you to increase your turnover long-term in an efficient and measurable way.

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