Search engine advertising with Google AdWords, Bing & Co.

Search engine advertising (SEA), is an essential component of successful search engine marketing (SEM). With AdWords, Google is the absolute market leader and leaves Bing and Yahoo far behind. qualitytraffic GmbH is a certified Google AdWords agency and a Google partner.

With Google AdWords, we give your products and services greater online visibility, thereby increasing your online success. Compared to search engine optimization, this leads to extremely rapid and transparent success.

Benefit from our many years of experience and our partnership with Google!

Search engine advertising

The right keywords for your success strategy

Success is not only measureable but above all the result of a perfect strategy. This credo is the basis for the potential implementation of Google AdWords measures.

With proven methods, we create extensive keyword pools which we qualify. We weigh up individual keywords and keyword combinations according to their probability of success, create corresponding topic relevant clusters and take these on board in the SEM strategy.

It is important to use the best-possible keywords not only for Google AdWords but also during search engine optimization (SEO). Every single keyword and keyword combination has its own potential for success. With our technology and experience, we soon find the perfect prioritization and the maximum leverage for your online success!

Bid management: automating Google AdWords

A bid management system helps you to get the best out of your Google AdWords account. According to set specifications, for example a pre-defined cost revenue ratio (CRR for short), the system takes over the management of the bids. This is extremely efficient and leads to human resource and cost savings, assuming that the Google AdWords account, the campaigns, the advertisement groups and of course the keywords are suitably structured. All geared towards your success!

You want to learn more about search engine advertising, cluster targeting or bid management? We will advise you free of charge and without obligation, and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us!