Search engine optimization (SEO)

As an agency specialized in search engine optimization (SEO for short), we ensure online visibility of your products and services. Let your customers find you.

With a more than 90 per cent market share, Google is the clear market leader and cannot be ignored by anyone who wants to be successful. Google’s algorithm, which ultimately determines the position on the search engine result pages (SERP for short), takes over 200 factors into account. We are the experts to turn to with the respective skills needed to ensure that you are found by Google.

Search engine optimization

SEO: on-site and off-site

Search engine optimization is divided into two important main areas. On the one hand, there is on-site SEO, which is about directly optimizing your own website, for example through technical or content improvements

On the other hand, there are external factors such as links from other websites (backlinks) or also social signals that are all considered off-site SEO measures. Both areas must be taken into account and optimized if you want to attract qualified visitors via search engine result pages.

Whether on-site or off-site: we realize search engine optimization that will move your projects to the top with Google.

Google's penguins and pandas

Whether "penguin" or "panda": Google continuously optimizes its indexing algorithms in order to deliver the best possible results. It therefore takes serious search engine optimization to be able to respond to this.

Google penalizes any manipulation attempts, which may have disastrous financial consequences. It is therefore not only important to choose an agency that you can trust but above all, an agency that provides services that comply with Google's guidelines. We meet these requirements 100 per cent to ensure that our customers are always on the safe side.

We are a reputable and competent company that increases your business success in an efficient and measurable way.

Strategic SEO action plans and effective measures

As an agency for professional search engine optimization, our SEO experts analyze the website before they develop strategic action plans for your approval. The necessary action is recorded in a catalogue of measures according to priority and then taken in a structured way together with you. In the course of implementation, our services are always governed by the qualitytraffic credo of strategically sensible, long-term and efficient search engine optimization.

Conceptualization and realization of the relevant measures, all aspects of professional SEO are taken into consideration throughout the analysis. After all, your domain is not a "guinea pig" but the basis for your success! You are in the best of hands with qualitytraffic GmbH.

Benefit from our experts' many years of experience. Let us advise you on SEO, free of charge and without any obligation. Contact us now.