Web controlling makes success measurable

The big advantage of online marketing: the results are directly measurable, which ensures complete transparency. Only the key figures that are of interest at a particular point in time are recorded and analyzed. However, the data must be properly collected and interpreted before conclusions for future marketing measures can be drawn from the results.

qualitytraffic GmbH offers professional web control. We record the figures and use them as the basis for well laid out and easy to understand reports. This ensures that you are always on the safe side when it comes to all of your online marketing activities.

Web controlling

Increase your success with strategic decisions

These days, visitor numbers, click paths, heat maps or conversions are certainly no longer sufficient web control in order to make qualified online marketing strategy decisions.

Choosing individual marketing channels on the basis of costs, turnover and return on investment often leads to misguided decisions. Important aspects such as the respective transaction interval, search funnel or impact of other marketing channels, for instance, are often disregarded. Not with qualitytraffic GmbH; we look at the whole picture.

The qualitytraffic team helps you select and implement web control measures and agrees the key figures to be recorded with you. Once this data has been evaluated and interpreted, our experts will make clear recommendations for action that will help you to increase your success effectively and long-term.

Unlocking potentials together

Web control is the instrument used to evaluate your online marketing. Together with you, qualitytraffic GmbH will develop a decision-making framework to increase your online success! Feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation!